Univ. of Tennessee to Require All Students Get Flu Vaccine, COVID-19 Vaccine When It’s Ready

Image Credits: Frank Bienewald / Contributor / Getty.

Students enrolling in the University of Tennessee’s fall semester will have to agree to receive the controversial COVID-19 vaccine in order to attend classes in person.

Last Friday, the university’s board of trustees unanimously passed a rule requiring immunizations for all staff, students, and faculty as they become available.

“For example, the flu shot might not be available until later in the fall, at which point students would have to get it,” explains KNOX News.

“Students will also ‘self-test’ daily through an app, where they answer a questionnaire about any symptoms related to COVID-19,” reports KNOX, and masks will be required in all classrooms and anytime students are in groups.

Students with religious or medical exemptions would not be required to take the vaccines, nor would people taking classes online.

The vaccine is still currently undergoing clinical trials and some estimate it will be 12 to 18 months before one is developed.

Over 123 different vaccines are being test. But what is REALLY being tested is your will to voluntarily become a slave. If government can confiscate your business, your job, prohibit life-saving medication, force you to take dangerous medication against your will, require vaccinations to grant you ability to work & travel — are you free?