University of Arizona Instructs Future Pediatric Nurses to Ask 3-Year-Olds If They ‘Feel’ Transgender

Slide tells nurses 'what to ask - ages 3 to 13,' going on to advise them to ask young patients, 'How do you feel on the inside?'

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

Slides from a college course taught at the University of Arizona show future pediatric nurses being instructed that children can know if they’re the wrong gender at the age of three.

Additionally, nurses are told to inquire what gender the children “feel on the inside.”

News of the disturbing slideshow presentation surfaced Wednesday courtesy of conservative watchdog group Libs of TikTok, which disseminated photos of the lesson on the X social media platform.

A slide titled, “Asking pediatric patients about gender identity,” advises nurses “what to ask – ages 3 to 13,” going on to give an example of how a nurse might broach the subject with a young patient:

“Some kids feel like a girl on the inside, some kids feel like a boy on the inside, and some kids feel like neither, both, or someone else. What about you? How do you feel on the inside? There’s no right or wrong answer.”

Another slide titled, “When to ask,” explicitly tells nurses to “Start around age 3, during the well visit,” otherwise known as their yearly routine checkup.

The Libs of TikTok report ruffled feathers on X, where it received an exclamation mark reply from X owner Elon Musk.

The worrisome college slides show how gender studies and liberal indoctrination are being impressed upon the nation’s future medical workers from the top down, likely one contributing factor to why so-called gender dysphoria is so rampant.

News of the slides comes on the heels of another report this week showing employees of healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente are being presented staff training videos asserting that three-year-old children can express transgender identities and offering a list of bizarre LGBT terms.

The University of Arizona did not respond to Infowars’ request for comment as of writing.

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