UNLEASHED: Alex Jones Unloads on Offworld Satanic Cult, Reveals Globalists’ Big Secret

Watch & share this link to learn why globalist censors have relentlessly targeted Infowars for destruction!

Image Credits: David Wall / Getty.

Alex Jones kicked off the Save Infowars Extended Broadcast with an explosive breakdown of the inter-dimensional war being waged against humanity. 

“Globalists have made a deal with an inter-dimensional, offworld influence – we know as Satan – to actually kill all humans on Earth for the opportunity to merge with this species,” said Jones Wednesday to his radio audience. “That’s who they are. You notice the media doesn’t even make jokes about me saying it because it’s a cult.”

“Every ancient religion told you, the Bible spells it out extremely clearly: We are dealing with a fallen, offworld species that is parasitic and seeking to use us.

Jones went on to detail how humans are effectively being exploited to serve as an “escape pod” to leave Earth.

“They’ve fallen and they can’t get up without us.”

If you’ve ever wanted to show a new viewer WHY the globalists have been censoring and deplatforming Infowars, look no further than this explosive Alex Jones clip.

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