US Army Vet & Lawyer Kurt Schlichter Says Mail Bombs Could be a “Leftist Scam”

Ben Shapiro says anyone suggesting a "false flag" is "deranged"

U.S. Army Veteran and trial lawyer Kurt Schlichter has sensationally claimed that the mail bombs targeting the Clintons, George Soros, CNN and others could be a “leftist scam”.

Responding to the wave of suspicious devices that have been discovered today, Schlichter, who is a Fox News contributor, suggested that the entire plot could be a political hoax designed to make conservatives look bad.

“I don’t think a conservative did it, but it’s possible, and that hypothetical person is a criminal who tarred decent Americans on the right. But considering the perfect timing & the track record of hoaxes & bombing on the left, don’t tell us to pretend it can’t be a leftist scam,” he tweeted.

Many of the respondents to the tweet appeared to agree with Schlichter.

“Not a single person they were sent to is actually where they were sent to. Nor do any of the targets have any current power of office. Seems unproductive from that stand point,” said one.

However, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro said that anyone who suggested the attempted attacks were part of a “false flag” must be “deranged”.

As we reported earlier, Alex Jones also predicted months ago that the “October surprise” would take the form of attacks on media outlets subsequently blamed on Trump and his supporters.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison