Us Citizens Were Tracked Via Secret ‘Covid Decree Violation’ Scores

Data was used to help Democrats win elections.

Image Credits: chombosan via Getty Images.

Tens of millions of US citizens were given a “COVID-19 decree violation” score as a result of a data harvesting program conducted during the first lockdown by voter analytics firm PredictWise.

“These Covid-19 decree violation scores were calculated by analyzing nearly two billion global positioning system (GPS) pings to get “real-time, ultra-granular locations patterns.” People who were “on the go more often than their neighbors” were given a high Covid-19 decree violation score while those who mostly or always stayed at home were given a low Covid-19 decree violation score,” writes Reclaim the Net’s Tom Parker.

The data collected was then used by PredictWise to help Democrats target over 350,000 “COVID concerned” Republicans with campaign ads relating to virus prevention measures.

“PredictWise understood that there were potential pockets of voters to target with Covid-19 messaging and turned high-dimensional data covering over 100 million Americans into measures of adherence to Covid-19 restrictions during deep lockdown,”the company states in its white paper.

This information was used to help identify 40,000 “persuasion targets” for Senate candidate Mark Kelly, who was subsequently elected.

As we highlighted throughout the COVID lockdowns, chilling components of the surveillance grid were weaponized against ordinary people.

At one point, a senior government minister in Australia refused to rule out citizens being forced to wear electronic ankle bracelets, even if they were fully vaccinated, to make sure they were complying with home quarantine orders.

Conservative MP Jeremy Hunt, who was recently promoted to become Chancellor of the Exchequer, called for the government to use GPS tracking technology to ensure Brits were complying with COVID quarantine measures.

“Daily contact with those asked to self-isolate – using GPS tracking to monitor compliance if necessary as happens in Taiwan and Poland,” said Hunt.

Police in the UK also used surveillance drones to monitor and threaten people who dared to go out into remote countryside to walk their dogs.

In Australia, tracking drones were deployed to catch people who didn’t wear masks outside and to keep track of cars that traveled further than 5km from home.



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