US Marshals Wounded During Gun Battle With Fugitive Wanted for Shooting A State Trooper

Jamaican national fatally shot during shootout in Bronx

Image Credits: MA State Police.

Multiple federal marshals sustained injuries during a shootout in New York City with a fugitive wanted for allegedly shooting a Massachusetts State Trooper in November, according to reports.

Andre Sterling, 35, a native of Jamaica, had been on the run since last week after he allegedly shot an officer during a traffic stop on Cape Cod.

U.S. Marshals were executing a warrant at a residence in the Bronx at approximately 5:30 a.m. on Friday when they came under fire from Sterling, the New York Post reports.

“One marshal was hit in the leg, and another was struck in the arm and leg,” the Post reports, citing the marshals’ office.

“An NYPD warrant detective who was on the periphery for security injured his leg when he helped marshals evacuate.”

Another resident of the building was taken into custody at the scene.

“I heard a number of shots, I can’t say how many,” a resident said. “Then I heard sirens, a lot of them — crazy non-stop.”

“It seems like the cops were coming to the scene. I saw four helicopters — three stationary and the fourth moving around the area where the shots came from.”

Sterling was also wanted in the state of Wyoming on drug charges, a police source told the Post.

“Authorities speculated last week that Sterling may have fled the area, noting that he didn’t typically spend a lot of time in any one place,” NBC New York reports.

Sterling reportedly also had a history of using false aliases and identification, and often traveled to Florida.

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