US Navy Enlists Drag Queen For ‘Digital Ambassador’ Role To Attract More Recruits

Image Credits: Screenshot.

And the Department of Defense wonders why multiple military branches are projected to miss their recruitment goals this year?  The Navy expects to fall short by over 6000 sailors in 2023, while the military struggles with a growing lack of interest, not to mention a lack of physically viable candidates.  So, they have embarked on a new strategy, giving their marketing the Bud Light treatment. 

That’s right, the Navy has recruited a squadron administrator and drag queen using the name “Harpy Daniels” to be their new “Digital Ambassador.”  The post is designed to inspire more civilians to join the Navy.

The attempted “woke-ification” of the US armed forces is a growing trend, with military brass defending the teaching of CRT (Critical Race Theory) among officers and numerous recruitment ads depicting far-left concepts.  Here is a training video from the Navy featuring two engineers from the Naval Undersea Warfare Center explaining the use of pronouns, gender neutral language and how to be a “good ally” to the LGBT community.

And who can forget this social justice advertising gem from the US Army:

For good measure, let’s not forget the woke and narcissistic messaging of recent CIA recruitment ads:

The Navy claims that DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) initiatives are not hurting recruitment, yet interest in military service continues to plummet in the face of the woke shift. 

The repellent nature of leftist branding efforts in the military should be obvious.  In the past, the majority of those volunteering for military service have always been politically conservative or independent, with only 29% of current serving identifying as Democrats.  Leftists have long been widely opposed to military participation in general, even though, ironically, the Democrats are now becoming the preeminent party of war when it comes to Russia and the Ukraine situation. 

They want America to go to war, they just don’t want to be forced to fight those wars themselves.  War is an ugly business replete with unfairness and inequity. Trying to appeal to progressives within Gen Z is not going to work out well for the DoD.

Another factor is the mindset of the average leftist – It is a philosophy that lends itself to weakness, entitlement and often mental illness, making training goals difficult or impossible.  Over 42% of Gen Z has been diagnosed with at least one mental health condition.  This is why many businesses are now more likely to reject applications from job seekers that use preferred pronouns in their resumes.  These people are far more trouble than they’re worth.

The only recourse for a woke military would be to dramatically lower standards and turn basic training into a day care, which is exactly what they have been doing incrementally over the past several years.  The question is if this is delusional or deliberate self sabotage.  Is the US military being deconstructed from within?  Or, are these people simply inept?