US Taxpayers Set To Fund Controversial Biolab Network With Additional $229 Million

Worried about the controversial projects? Too bad!

Image Credits: Anna Moneymaker / Staff / Getty.

A $1.5 trillion spending bill is headed to President Joe Biden’s desk, and with it comes hundreds of millions of tax dollars being sent to the same Pentagon agency overseeing the controversial network of biolabs around the globe.

Biden is expected to sign the bill Friday, around the same time the UN Security Council is hearing Russian claims that US-run biolabs in Ukraine were clandestine bioweapons facilities.

This funding is going to be approved despite the potential that the labs, which are run under the DOD’s Biological Threat Reduction Program, are operating in violation the UN Article I of the United Nations Biological Weapons Convention.

For some reason, the Biden administration did try to cut the funding for the program by 45 percent.

Perhaps this was Biden’s attempt at distancing himself from the labs as his son Hunter is deeply tied with their operations.

The Senate passed the bill on Thursday night, and dismissed the administration’s proposed cut.

This in-your-face spending bill is further proof of the arrogance of America’s ruling class.

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