USA Today Slammed For Repeating Idiotic Claim That Trump Campaign T-Shirt Has ‘Nazi Symbol’

Nazis... everywhere

Image Credits: Screenshot.

USA Today was ritually torn apart on Twitter this past weekend after it ‘fact checked’ as “true” claims that an official Trump 2020 t-shirt features a ‘Nazi symbol’.

The t-shirt features a bald eagle clasping the US flag, a common symbol in American politics for centuries, and one that is found in many seals of government agencies, and on US money.

The idea that it is some kind of Nazi symbol was dredged up again by anti-Trump groups such as the Lincoln Project and Jewish ‘progressive’ activists Bend the Arc:

Nevertheless, USA Today effectively repeated the idiotic claim, and was quickly subject to a huge wave of condemnation, forcing it to issue a ‘clarifying’ statement:

The article that the tweet links to, written by Will Peebles, admits that the eagle in the Trump t-shirt design is a stock image, and has “key differences” to the symbol used by the Nazi party in the 1930s.

Nevertheless, the ‘fact check: true’ tweet was clearly misleading click bait.

The responses were devastating: