Utah Couple Executed in Front of Son at Mexico Roadblock

Armed men steal vehicle during gruesome attack

Image Credits: FRANCISCO ROBLES/AFP/Getty Images.

A couple traveling in Mexico were executed in front of their young son, who was also shot, after failing to stop at a roadblock in Mexico, according to reports.

Paul Nielsen, 52, and Janeth Vázquez, 43, were driving with their 12-year-old son through the Mexican state of Guerrero when they were intercepted by armed men who shot both adults in the head, also shooting the son, before stealing their vehicle and dumping their bodies.

“Near the town of La Barrita they were intercepted by a group of armed men,” Reforma reports. “They stripped them of the car they were traveling in and subsequently shot them.”

“State police arrived at the scene, and took the 12-year-old, who was admitted to a basic community hospital in Petatlán.”

The child reportedly did not sustain life-threatening injuries, but has since suffered a mental breakdown.

Mexican media outlet SDP Noticias refers to the armed group as “community police,” although the exact context is unclear.

“A couple of tourists were killed for passing a checkpoint installed by the community police in the municipality of Petatlán at dawn on Thursday, July 18,” the outlet reports.

Nielsen’s sister has launched a crowdfund to assist with costs of transporting his body back to the U.S. and to support his son moving forward.

“My brother Paul was killed in Mexico today 7/18/19,” the GoFundMe page explains. “We are trying to raise enough money to help his family in anyway they need. It is going to be a huge ordeal bringing his body back to the U.S. and any amount will help.”

Anti-police rhetoric and liberal politicians’ lack of action have promoted a culture of violence against the first responders meant to protect the public.

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