Utah, Minnesota face legal threats for using race as a factor to determine COVID treatment eligibility as non-whites were at greater risk for hospitalization

Image Credits: libre de droit / Getty Images.

The health departments in Utah and Minnesota could face potential discrimination lawsuits after they issued guidance using race as a factor in prioritizing COVID-19 treatment.

The Utah and Minnesota Departments of Health both published guidance notifications that stated race and ethnicity could be considered when determining eligibility for COVID Monoclonal antibodies treatment due to the virus’ greater impact in communities of color.

Utah’s policy also included a Covid-19 Risk Score card for medical professionals to numerically weigh the risks through several medical factors, with ‘non-white race or Hispanic/Latinx ethnicity’ scoring two extra points.  

America First Legal, a conservative law group founded by former Donald Trumpadviser Stephen Miller, claimed the policies violated federal law through ‘blatant discrimination.’ 

‘Using a patient’s skin color or ethnicity – rather than the unique and specific medical circumstances of an individual patient – as a basis for deciding who should obtain lifesaving medical treatment is appalling,’ the group wrote in letters first reported by Fox News on Wednesday.

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