Utah Plastic Surgeon Allegedly Destroyed COVID Vaccines, Gave Fake Shots to Children at Parents’ Request

Dr. Michael Kirk Moore Jr. and accomplices destroyed at least $28,000 worth of COVID-19 jabs and distributed at least 1,900 doses’ worth of fake completed vaccine record cards.

Image Credits: Thanasis/Getty Images.

A Utah plastic surgeon and three other accomplices are facing charges after allegedly destroying COVID-19 vaccines and handing out fake vaccine cards.

Dr. Michael Kirk Moore Jr., 58, and his neighbor, Kristin Jackson Andersen, 59, destroyed nearly $30,000 worth of COVID shots and distributed about 1,900 doses’ worth of vaccine cards in an effort to “liberate the medical profession from government and industry conflicts of interest.”

Additionally, Dr. Moore also administered saline shots to children at the request of their parents.

The Plastic Institute of Utah Inc., its office manager Kari Dee Burgoyne and receptionist Sandra Flores are also charged with conspiracy to defraud the government and a slew of other charges.

From ABC News 4:

According to court documents, Moore and his co-defendants allegedly ran a scheme out of Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah Inc. to defraud the United States and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The documents say Moore and Andersen were members of a private organization seeking to “liberate the medical profession from government and industry conflicts of interest.”

In the allegations, the four destroyed at least $28,000 worth of COVID-19 vaccinations and distributed at least 1,900 doses’ worth of fake completed vaccination record cards. The court documents allege the fake vaccination cards were sold either for direct cash payments of $50 per person per occurrence or required “donations to a specified charitable organization.”

The court documents estimate the fake vaccination cards have a total value of nearly $97,000.

Moore and his co-defendants also allegedly gave children saline shots at the request of their parents so the children would think they were receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

“By allegedly falsifying vaccine cards and administering saline shots to children instead of COVID-19 vaccines, not only did this provider endanger the health and well-being of a vulnerable population, but also undermined public trust and the integrity of federal health care programs,” said Special Agent in Charge with the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General Curt L. Muller.

This story bears a similarity to a German nurse who was charged in 2021 for injecting over 10,000 patients with saline instead of the experimental COVID jab.

She ended up walking free with only 6 months probation but had her medical license revoked.

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