Uvalde school police chief is captured on newly released bodycam footage repeatedly trying to negotiate with teen gunman

Even as he continues to fire with children still inside the classroom with him

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Body camera footage captured the moment the Uvalde school police chief repeatedly begged an 18-year-old gunman to put down his weapon after he opened fire in a classroom.

Robb Elementary School Police Chief Peter Arredondo was recorded standing outside the classroom trying to negotiate with Salvador Ramos – rather than engage with the mass shooter, who ultimately never responded to his pleas.

Arredondo urged the teen to talk to him, trying to assure him that ‘this could be peaceful’ and asking him to ‘please put your firearm down’.

Despite his efforts, another round of gunshots was heard from the classroom.

‘Can you hear me sir?’ Arredondo asked following the shots. ‘Sir, if you can hear me, please put your firearm down, sir. We don’t want anybody else hurt.’ 

Angry parents and community members have called for Arredondo’s termination since the May 24 massacre that left 21 dead. 

He was placed on administrative leave last month. 

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin disclosed previously that another on-site negotiator had tried calling Ramos but the gunman never answered the phone.

Meanwhile, the Texas House investigative committee released a preliminary report Sunday revealing officials found ‘multiple systemic failures’ and poor leadership by law enforcement the day of the shooting.

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