Vacate The Chair

The Supreme Court Nominee hearings have made one thing abundantly clear: the Democrats don’t even understand the Supreme Court’s role in our Republic. 

And just as the Democrats view the Supreme Court as a political weapon that could be stacked in their favor, Nancy Pelosi, the 33 year Congress woman representing the Democrat arm pit of San Francisco with a net worth of $120 million, continues her scatterbrained tyranny.

The Father of Nancy Pelosi, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., was a Democratic U.S. Congressman from Maryland and a Mayor of Baltimore. D’Alessandro was so deeply involved with the Magliano mafia that John F Kennedy had Hoover’s FBI investigate him — an investigation that Hoover warned would end D’Alessandro’s political career.

And now that spirit of arrogant corruption lives on in the current Speaker of The House who has taken a meat cleaver to the balance required in her position of power. In fact, she has abused it so frequently that her political warfare has affected millions of unemployed Americans during a United Nations-led pandemic where globalist sycophant Pelosi wrote a tailor-made wish list for failed Democrat Cities completely unrelated to the immediate plight of the American people. 

Pelosi and her parade of impeachment cronies dropped this in the final stretch towards elections day. But who’s to say how mentally and physically fit Nancy Pelosi is?

The millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on her witch hunts detail that her decisions are reckless and driven by her own political animus rather than the will of the American people. Past Speakers have been removed for far less.

Clearly, it is due time for Pelosi to vacate the chair.