Vaccine Apartheid: NYC Restaurant Kicks Out Black Family For Not Showing Vax Passport

Patrons cheer for the segregation of the unvaccinated

Image Credits: ClayTravis Twitter Screenshot.

Viral footage out of New York shows a black family being told to leave a restaurant because they wouldn’t show their vaccine passports and photo ID.

“So, you’re refusing to serve us?” the man filming asked a restaurant employee.

“Yeah, you need your vaccination card and your ID,” the worker answered.

New Yorkers now have to show more proof of identification in order to eat at a diner than they do to vote in elections.

The upset patron asked the employee, “So, you’re going to enforce segregation? Because we just told you that we’re religiously exempt.”

The employee claimed the group told a hostess they had their vaccine passports and identification, and the man filming answered, “I never told you any of that! I would never tell you that.”

“You have to leave. You have to leave,” the restaurant worker repeated.

At this point, the man filming began pleading to other patrons of the establishment to come to his defense, asking, “Everybody in here is okay with setting segregation in society?”

“We don’t have our vaccine cards, so the kids can’t eat,” he told the diners. “You guys are okay with that? This is the America you want to live in?”

A few patrons responded, “Yep!” and one trendy white guy flipped the bird at the upset New Yorker.

“No, fuck you!” the man filming shouted. “You see, you’re not American. You need to get the fuck out of here!”

Continuing, the angry individual being discriminated against told the staff to look at the poster on the front of the building handed out by the city to see that it states the restaurant cannot ban them from entry due to their religious exemption.

Divisive government decrees like New York’s vaccine passport mandate are ushering in a new era of political hostility among Americans.

A few weeks ago, Fox News host Bill Hemmer experienced a similar situation when he basically told a New York City restaurant to pound sand after they asked him to show a vaccine card and photo identification in order to eat.

Expect this to become commonplace across America as blue cities like Los Angeles follow New York’s lead in creating a two-tier society.

For other businesses in NYC, see the following interview to learn how to fight back against the city’s egregious discrimination.