Vaccine Mix-Up: Pharmacy Administered WRONG Covid Vax to Over 100 Children

Pharmacy banned from administering vaccine after giving dose meant for 12-year-olds to 112 children aged 5-11.

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Update: In an exclusive comment to Infowars, Loudon County Health Department director Dr. David Goodfriend clarified:

“Ted pharmacy used the formulation approved for those age 12 or older, but gave a lower volume of that product (1 ml instead of 3 ml).”

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A pharmacy in Virginia was ordered to halt vaccinations after administering the wrong Covid vaccine to over 100 young children.

The incident happened last week at Ted Pharmacy in Aldie, Loudon County, where the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) says pharmacists gave 112 children aged 5 to 11-years-old a vaccine formulation meant for 12-year-old children and older.

“On November 5, state and federal authorities ordered the pharmacy to discontinue administering the vaccine, and VDH subsequently collected all COVID-19 vaccines at the pharmacy,” reports Fox 5 DC.

Despite the younger children being given vaccine doses intended for older children, the Loudon County Health Department inexplicably claimed the mix-up “resulted in a dose that is potentially lower than recommended.”

Fox 5 DC dutifully repeated the county’s claim that the young children received “a lower dose than recommended.”

The information was also parroted by NBC Washington, who claimed a 7-year-old child was administered a “diluted” dose:

“Dasha Hermosilla told News4 [Washington] a pharmacist at Ted Pharmacy gave her daughter, 7-year-old Gryffin Fahle, a diluted does [sic] of the vaccine for people 12 and older, which comes in a vial with a purple cap, not the orange cap of the vaccine meant for younger children.”

Further adding to the confusion, an on-screen graphic displayed by Fox 5 incorrectly stated, “Children 12+ Received Lower Dose.”

CDC information cited by the Virginia health department indicates the vaccine for children 12 and older is actually a stronger formulation.

A Q&A section of the county’s order further clarified a higher dosage is meant for patients 12 years and older.

ABC 7 explained that “the children were given smaller amounts of adult doses, which are more diluted. That’s why it was a lower dose of the actual vaccine,” and cites a CDC Pfizer vaccine dosage chart.

A request for comment from the Loudon County Health Department was not immediately returned as of writing.

Parents of children who received the dosage mix-up are advised to wait 21 days until administering another dose, but at this point due to the gross level of incompetence at nearly every turn, it wouldn’t be surprising if parents chose to forgo the vaccines altogether.

Read the Loudon County Health Department’s letter:

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