Vast Majority of Illegal Border Crossings Now Single Adult Mexican Males

Just last year, families were majority of crossings

Image Credits: LOREN ELLIOTT/AFP via Getty Images.

Lone Mexican males comprise the largest demographic group of illegal aliens entering the United States in recent months, according to the latest figures from Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The number of ‘family units’ arriving at the U.S. border has steadily risen in recent years, reaching an explosive peak during Fiscal Year 2019, when 473,682 family units, hailing mostly from Central America, were apprehended by CBP.

In comparison, 301,806 single adults were apprehended during that same period.

“CBP has seen a significant shift in migration demographics from this point last year,” acting CBP chief Mark Morgan revealed. “Most illegal alien encounters between ports of entry are now single adult men from Mexico, whereas last year the majority of illegal aliens encountered were families from the Northern Triangle.”

“Last month, 82% of our total enforcement encounters were Mexican nationals, while only 13% were from the Northern Triangle. Compare that to May 2019, when only 16% were from Mexico and 72% were from the Northern Triangle.”

The Northern Triangle countries are comprised of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

“CBP continues to work with MX counterparts to address illegal Mexican migration,” Morgan said. “We have strong coordination with MX on immediate expulsions and expulsion flights to southern MX to return migrants home safely. US & MX are committed to orderly, lawful migration.”

New policies implemented by the Trump administration, such as ‘Remain-in-Mexico’ (Migrant Protection Protocols), have contributed greatly to the reduction of Central American migrants reaching the United States.

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