Vatican Enters “Global Alliance” with Rothschilds, Rockefeller Foundation & Big Banks To Create Great Reset

Image Credits: screenshot/youTube.

Pope Francis announced that the Vatican would enter into a “global alliance” with the world’s big banks, international corporations and globalist foundations to create an economic council aimed at redistributing wealth around the world.

The globalist initiative, called the “Council for Inclusive Capitalism“, bills itself as a pro-capitalist organization that’s aimed at creating “stronger, fairer, more collaborative economies and societies.”

The group of elite, who call themselves “The Guardians”, calls itself a “historic collaboration of CEOs and global leaders working with the moral guidance of Pope Francis to harness the power of business for good,” the website states.

In reality, the “Guardians” are the usual megalomaniacal gang of globalists determined to implement far-left policies worldwide, like the Green New Deal and identity politics initiatives.

Among the list of “Guardians” besides Pope Francis are the CEOs of the Visa, Mastercard, Bank of America, BP, as well as Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Ford Foundation President Darren Walker, and Rockefeller Foundation President Rajiv Shah.

“The ‘Guardians,’ as the council members are called, are top executives of the world’s leading corporations who have promised to take bold actions toward creating inclusive capitalism,” Forbes reported Wednesday.

“The Guardians will hold themselves accountable, committing to a list of intended actions involving  environmental, social and governance matters. The Guardians, at their respective companies, have said they plan to hire and promote more women, increase diversity hires, commit to clean energy by purchasing 100% renewable electricity, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote the reuse and recycling of water and other initiatives.”

This new globalist initiative comes after the World Economic Forum, United Nations, and other institutions have recently called for a “Great Reset” to reorganize the world capitalist system into a socialist neo-feudalist world order that would eliminate private property and currency.