VAX CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT: Australians Demand Justice For The Government’s Medical Tyranny

Australia was undoubtedly one of the most tyrannical countries in the world when it came to vaccine restrictions.

Image Credits: BCFC/Getty Images.

Josh Sigurdson reports on the class action lawsuit being filed against the Australian government over vaccine injuries, death and discrimination as Queensland GP Dr. Melissa McCann gathers 500 complainants.

Australia was without a doubt one of the most tyrannical countries in the world when it came to vaccine restrictions. The mandates lost thousands of people their jobs, destroyed families and even worse…killed millions and injured millions more.

Now, people are demanding damages for the attack on civil liberties and humanity itself by joining in on a class action lawsuit.

It is expected that many thousands more will join the suit. Australia has already paid out more than $7 million for vaccine discrimination and death, with thousands of people still waiting in line for their lawsuits to go through.

There is one problem here.

While the justice is deserved and people should continue to demand justice and support these lawsuits, it is not the solution. If people withdrew from the tyranny from day one and ignored the demands of the state into oblivion, this would not be an issue. If people listened to independent media who’ve warned of this tyranny for years previous to the actual rollout, it wouldn’t be an issue.

People must take responsibility over their health, education, money and sustenance and stop depending on the state’s ownership over them.

People must stop keeping all their money in the banks. People must stop depending on grocery stores for food. People must stop sending their children to indoctrination camps and people must learn, make informed decisions and stop depending on the number one killers on earth, Big Pharma, for their health.