Vaxxed ‘Today’ Host Savannah Guthrie Leaves Mid-Show after Testing Positive for Covid-19 a THIRD Time

Despite being vaxxed and boosted, Guthrie suffers another bout of Covid after last bout in January.

Image Credits: Drew Angerer/Getty Images.

NBC Today Show host Savannah Guthrie had to leave the set in the middle of taping Tuesday after finding out she’d tested positive for Covid-19.

“It has been an interesting morning for us,” co-host Sheinelle Jones said after she departed. “Savannah left early. She wasn’t feeling great, so she took a COVID test. It came back positive. So of course as soon as we found out, she rushed home to rest up. So Savannah, we love you, wishing you a speedy recovery.”

USA Today reports, despite being vaccinated, “This marks the third COVID-19 diagnosis for Guthrie, who tested positive for the virus in January and May of 2022.”

In an Instagram update last May, the vaccinated show host posted her positive Covid-19 test results saying, “So this happened – again! Covid +, air filter on ‘turbo’ and it will be an isolating Mother’s Day for this mama!!! I feel fine, just slight cold so far. Thankful to be vaccinated!”

Guthrie in April 2021 also documented receiving her first jab on Twitter, writing, “What a day, what a privilege – so grateful to receive the vaccine! Hoping this helps spread awareness and encourages others to do the same, so we can get back to life as we love it!”

Discussing Guthrie’s sudden illness, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly took aim at her vaccinated and boosted status, pointing out how the supposedly highly effective jabs have proven to be anything but effective.

“This is reportedly Savannah’s third bout of COVID and I guarantee you she’s had all the vaccines and the boosters because you won’t be able to go into 30 Rock without them,” Kelly said on her SiriusXM program “Megyn Kelly Today” Tuesday.

“There’s zero chance NBC is not requiring all boosters,” Kelly added. “And this is [Guthrie’s] third bout of COVID.”

Guthrie’s latest bout of Covid comes as fellow Today Show host Al Roker, who’s also vaxxed and boosted, took time off from the show last November due to blood clot issues.

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