“Very Disturbing News”: YouTube Censors Ron Paul Liberty Report

Image Credits: gfycat.com/dearhomelybrontosaurus.

YouTube is moving to shut down the channel of former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul.

According to a tweet by Dr. Paul Tuesday, YouTube issued a strike against his channel over a video in which he discusses a “Fire Fauci!” chant made at a Donald Trump rally in November.

“Your content was removed due to a violation of our Community Guidelines,” a warning from YouTube shared by Dr. Paul states.

Dr. Paul interprets this as “very disturbing news” that could possibly foreshadow the takedown of his channel.

According to screenshots, YouTube claimed Dr. Paul’s Nov. 2 Ron Paul Liberty Report episode, titled, “‘Fire Fauci!’ – Trump Rally Explodes Over Coronavirus Doom and Gloomer,” violated their community guidelines on “Medical Misinformation.”

“Upon review we’ve determined that your content violates our guidelines and we’ve removed it from YouTube. We know that this might be disappointing, but it’s important to us that Youtube is a safe place for all. If content breaks our rules, we remove it.”

In an appeal to YouTube, Dr. Paul argued, despite being a medical doctor, his channel provides no medical advice and simply delivers news and analysis.

“The Ron Paul Liberty Report does not provide any medical information, though its host is a medical doctor. It is a news and analysis program.”

Dr. Paul is merely the latest conservative victim targeted by the Big Tech platform following a purge in October aimed at pro-Trump accounts, including QAnon followers.

(YouTube, in addition to Facebook and Apple, banned Infowars from their platform on Aug. 8, 2016.)

Fortunately, the Ron Paul Liberty Report had the foresight to back their channel up on the independent, alternative video platform Bitchute.

Watch the censored Ron Paul Liberty Report below:

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