Video: ABC News Blurs Out Trump Donation Number

Election interference

Image Credits: Screenshots.

Allegations of election interference have been thrown at ABC News after the network appeared to blur out a donation text number on Donald Trump’s lectern during his speech from Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday night, yet has previously allowed Joe Biden’s donation number to be broadcast.

ABC News obscured the instruction “TEXT TRUMP to 88022” during the coverage.

The text number provides those interested with information on how to donate to Trump’s presidential campaign.

Someone at ABC obviously didn’t want to publicise that.


Here is the video on ABC News’ YouTube channel:

When Joe Biden is campaigning, ABC News is happy to let viewers know where to text:

Some called for Elon Musk to have Twitter add a ‘state affiliated media’ tag to ABC News, as has happened with NPR.

At least ABC News broadcasted Trump’s speech. MSNBC instead cut away, with Rachel Maddow telling viewers not to listen to it:


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