Video: Angry Parolee Upset Over Traffic Blockade Confronts Climate Protesters

Man told protesters he could violate conditions of his parole if he doesn't make it to his job.

Image Credits: Twitter, @FordFischer / News2Share.

A group of climate change protesters blocking traffic on a four-lane highway in Maryland were confronted by an angry parolee upset he could go to jail if he misses work.

The chaotic incident happened Monday around noon during the busy July 4th holiday, as about a dozen activists sat in the middle of the Capital Beltway’s Inner Loop near Washington, DC holding signs demanding Joe Biden declare a “climate emergency,” according to reporter Ford Fischer.

Footage shows the irate motorist ripping signs out of protesters’ hands and yelling that he could violate the conditions of his parole if he doesn’t make it to his job.

“Y’all are so inconsiderate,” the man yelled at the protesters, asking them to open up at least one lane to allow traffic through, as one of the activists aggressively attempted to calm him down.

In a follow-up video the man, now shirtless, began confronting other protesters, in addition to reporters covering the event, and even approached the person filming the report.

When Maryland State Troopers arrived at the scene, they arrested the ornery man and physically carried him away while ignoring the protesters impeding traffic on a major roadway.

Eventually, police finally turned their attention to the protesters who were disrupting the flow of traffic and arrested them as well.

WTOP reports the man, labeled as a “counter-protester,” was “charged with second degree assault and resisting arrest.”

The other activists reportedly face charges related to disturbing the peace/hindering passage, and failure to obey a reasonable/lawful order.

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