Video: Another Triggered Sheep Freaks Out Over Maskless Walmart Shopper

Image Credits: Twitter Screenshot.

Footage shows an angry man screaming at a fellow Walmart shopper for not wearing a mask.

“You’re contaminating the whole goddamn store!” the mask lover shouted.

Responding, the bare-faced man asked, “Do you sleep with that mask on 24/7?”

The pissed-off liberal then referred to the man as “boy” and again told him to put a mask on, calling him a “disrespectful motherfu**er.”

“I’m not gonna step to your level,” the unmasked man responded.

Continuing his tirade, the pro-mask person shrieked, “I hope you die, tonight! You disrespecting everybody else. F**k you, nasty son of a b**ch.”

“You’re wasting your breath now. You got no respect for your own kids,” the non-masker said.

The irate shopper answered, “My kids got on a mask,” as if that somehow shows respect for them.

“Your language,” the anti-masker explained. “Your mouth is disrespectful.”

At this point in the video store employees broke up the argument before a physical confrontation took place.