Video: Antifa Attacks Anti-Pedophilia Demonstration

Far-left terror group once again reveals its true colors

Image Credits: @TheBurkeanIE/Twitter.

An anti-pedophilia demonstration was attacked by a group of Antifa thugs in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday.

The “March For Innocence” rally was taking place outside the Leinster House, Ireland’s parliament, protesting proposed legislation that would allow children 16 years of age and younger to “change their gender.”

But soon Antifa decided to show up and scuffle with the anti-pedophilia protesters.

The protesters were also calling for the resignation of Minister of Children Roderic O’Gorman for posing in a picture with LGBT advocate Peter Tatchell at a Pride march two years ago.

O’Gorman claims he wasn’t aware of Tatchell’s views on children and sex when the picture was taken.

“I met Peter Tatchell once and took a photo. That was the only time I have met him. I know of him as someone who stood up for LGBT people in countries where their rights were threatened,” he said.

“I was surprised to read some of the quotes from the 90s, which I had not read before. Any of those views would be completely abhorrent to me. I’m glad to see he’s clarified and explained that what is being alleged isn’t his view.”

Fortunately for the pro-LGBT politicians, Antifa was there to make sure any resistance to pedophila or gender-bending kids was met with violence and bullying.

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