Video: Biden Promotes Mass Gender Transitions For Children As Congress Defends Groomers Accessing Your Kids

Isn't this beginning to freak out normal people who still vote Democrat?

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Alex Jones discusses the massive push to dehumanize children by confusing them about their gender identity as Joe Biden came out this week to promote gender transitions for kids.

Sleepy Joe claimed ruining the hormones and cutting off the sexual organs of underage individuals actually “protects” them “so they know they are loved” and says “they can speak for themselves.”

That’s right, parental consent is quickly being replaced by the overlords working for the government.

As Jones explained on Thursday, the sexualization of children is a global psychological warfare operation.

Later during The Alex Jones Show, a video was played showing a Democrat politician claiming to call people “groomers” is discriminatory against the LGBT community during a congressional hearing on “anti-LGBTQ violence.”

The left is establishing a new state religion that shall not be questioned under threat of retaliation from the government or liberal mob.