Video: Biden Says He’s “Proud” Of Hunter When Asked About Possible Criminal Charges

“I love him, and he’s on the straight and narrow"

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Joe Biden declared that he is “proud” of his son Hunter when asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper about the potential of criminal charges being brought against him by federal prosecutors.

The Washington Post reported that the Justice Department has for months had enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden with several crimes related to taxes and lying to investigators about a firearms purchase.

Tapper asked Biden what he feels about the position his son is in “personally and politically.”

Biden responded by saying he’s proud of his son despite him previously being hooked on drugs, and claimed he had no knowledge about Hunter’s apparent false statement on an application to purchase a gun.

“Turns out that when he made [the] application to purchase a gun, what happened was he say — I guess you get asked — I don’t guess, you get asked a question, are you on drugs, or do you use drugs? He said no. And he wrote about saying no,” Biden said Tuesday.

“This is a kid who got, not a kid — he’s a grown man,” Biden continued, adding “He got hooked on — like many families have had happen, hooked on drugs. He’s overcome that. He’s established a new life.”

“I’m confident that what he says and does are consistent with what happens,” Biden said, adding “I have great confidence in my son.”

“I love him, and he’s on the straight and narrow, and he has been for a couple years now, and I’m just so proud of him,” Biden further declared.


Meanwhile, the Washington Free Beacon reports that court filings show that two FBI officials who knew about the infamous ‘laptop from hell’ in 2020 and who alerted Facebook that it was ‘Russian disinformation’ are Democrat donors.


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