Video: Bill Clinton Says “Ask Her” When Reporter Asks If Hillary Should Run

"We haven’t talked about it”

The ‘will she/won’t she’ rumors continue to abound regarding Hillary Clinton running for President again in 2020, with former President Bill Clinton refusing to give a straight answer on whether he thinks she should mount another campaign.

When asked by a reporter Tuesday if he thinks his wife should run for a third campaign, Bill Clinton refused to be drawn.

CBS 2 political reporter Marcia Kramer approached Clinton at a PR event in a Manhattan school, asking, “I wonder how you feel about Hillary running for president?”

Kramer noted that recent polls show she would be the frontrunner if she entered the race.

“Yeah, I saw two of them yesterday.” Clinton replied.

“Should she run?” Kramer asked.

“Ask her,” the former President responded.

“What advice would you give her?” Kramer continued to probe, while Clinton’s aides attempted to drag him away.

“None, we haven’t talked about it,” he claimed.

The CBS anchor concluded that Clinton was “threading the needle” with his vague answers.

A new Harvard-Harris Poll, conducted in late November, puts Hillary top of the pile of Democratic candidates, after respondents were asked to imagine she was running.

In that situation, Clinton leads other Democrats with 21 percent support, followed by Biden with 20 percent, Sanders with 12 percent, Warren with 9 percent, and Buttigieg and John Kerry (also not running) with 5 percent each.

Without Hillary in the running, Biden heads the pack with 29 percent support among likely Democratic voters.

The poll also found that while Clinton is the Democratic front runner, she only has a 35 percent favorable view among all voters. A majority of 58 percent of Americans have an unfavorable or very unfavorable view of Hillary.

In fact, the poll found Hillary to be the most unfavorable Democrat among all voters, but still the front runner among Democrats.