Video: BLM Stages ‘Insurrection’ At Iowa State Capitol to ‘Kill racist bills’

State police physically confronted by protesters as they attempted to arrest others.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

BLM activists stormed the Iowa State capitol on Thursday, in what many are dubbing an “insurrection” after the same label was applied to protesters during events at the US Capitol on Jan. 6.

In footage out of Des Moines, Black Lives Matter activists are seen staging a “die-in” demonstration inside the state capitol building, as one crazed protester shouts at legislators about George Floyd.

“I can’t breathe, can you breathe?” asks one protester, prompting demonstrators lying on the floor to shout “I can’t breathe!”

Later during the incident, protesters grew unruly and physically confronted state police who had begun arresting protesters.

Police are then filmed removing the protestors from the building and putting activists in squad cars.

An online flyer from the Advocates for Social Justice / BLM account on Twitter, @ASJ_BLM, displays a flier discussing a protest at the West Side of the Iowa State Capitol scheduled for April 8th, opposing what they call “racist and dangerous bills.”

An event on Facebook was titled “Kill the racist bills.”

More on this as it develops…