Video: Canada Health Minister Accused of Faking Flu Shot While Pushing Vaccines

PR stunt backfires after keen eyes spot a major issue

Image Credits: Christine Elliot | Twitter.

Christine Elliott, Ontario, Canada’s Health Minister, was allegedly caught on camera pretending to receive a flu vaccine during a promotional video urging citizens to get their flu shots.

While Elliot tells Canadians it’s important for specifically “young children, pregnant women, and people aged 65 and older” to receive the vaccination, she apparently doesn’t practice what she’s preaching.

Speaking to the press before seemingly faking her vaccination, Elliot repeatedly emphasized how “safe and effective” flu shots are and repeatedly pushed the myth of “herd immunity.”

The “herd immunity” narrative is what politicians worldwide refer to when arguing for mandatory vaccinations.

Watch Elliot’s full press conference below:

Watch the video below to see the doctor press what appears to be a needleless syringe to Elliot’s skin before moving sideways to take the non-existent needle out of the skin instead of pulling it out first.

Check out the full War Room segment where Owen Shroyer blew this major story wide open:

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