Video: Carlson Slams Talking Heads Who Claim Free Speech Is Racism

"Talking out of turn, reading your own script rather than the one that Chuck Todd provides you is white supremacy."

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson took aim at anchors on NBC and MSNBC Wednesday who are pushing the notion that anyone who wants to preserve free speech is really a racist.

Playing clips of MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace and NBC’s Chuck Todd both claiming that ‘white supremacy’ is being facilitated by free speech advocates.

Carlson told viewers “Did you hear that? Free speech is white supremacy, says Chuck Todd. It’s white supremacy, free speech. Talking out of turn, reading your own script rather than the one that Chuck Todd provides you is white supremacy. That means if you’re upset about food shortages or blackouts, you’re a racist. Racist, racist, racist.”

Carlson argued that left leaning talking heads are flagrantly ignoring massive societal and economic problems in favour of pushing the notion that racism is destroying the country.

The host continued, “Oh, you don’t like crime? You don’t like litter? You don’t like inflation? You’re against public urination in New York City? You know what you are, you’re a bigot, pal! Stop complaining.”

“The problem is definitely not that we’re running out of energy to power civilization, that’s not a big deal at all,” Carlson continued, adding “And that’s why you probably didn’t read about the fact that the interior department just announced it is closing millions of acres to domestic energy production. Sorry, gone.”

“So, if you can’t keep the lights on or go to the dentist or if you’re one of the very few people… who’s noticed that honey prices have doubled since December, why is that happening? Shut up, racist,” the host concluded.



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