Video: Chaos Erupts As Patriots, Police Confront Antifa Burning American Flags

Far-left determined to bring violence to Independence Day event in DC

Image Credits: @aletweetsnews/Twitter.

Far-left agitators brawled with Trump supporters and Secret Service after police responded to their burning American flags near the White House on Independence Day.

A communist group known as RevCom (Revolutionary Communist party) vowed to burn American flags outside the White House Thursday, telling media to “imagine a world without America.”

Footage shows a RevCom member ignite a flag as fights break out between Trump supporters and the far-left before police eventually respond.

Secret Service also tried to quell the chaos after police failed to stop the violence.

Law enforcement managed to regain control of the situation, arresting several communists while Trump supporters and Proud Boys are seen cheering them on while chanting, “West is best!”

Some RevCom members continued protesting Trump’s migrant policy outside the White House by locking themselves up in mock cages.

As we reported, the far-left has moved into the next phase of its communist takeover: declaring all-out war against patriotic symbols of America.

This comes as Antifa prepares to wage violence against participants of the upcoming Free Speech Rally in Washington D.C. on Saturday.

The communist overthrow of American independence looms on the horizon as more brainwashed masses are calling for the overthrow of our republic.