Video: Charlie Kirk Exposes Arizona School Board’s Illegal Mask Mandate

"I hope you enjoy your masked short-term future here while it still lasts," he told the school board.

Image Credits: Twitter Charlie Kirk Screenshot.

Turning Point USA founder and conservative commentator Charlie Kirk is going viral for a recent speech he delivered to the Scottsdale Unified School District in Arizona.

Posting to his Instagram on Wednesday, Kirk wrote, “The Child Abuse has to stop now. Parents and Patriots across Arizona are rising up against Scottsdale Unified School District and districts like it. Enough is enough. Our kids are worth fighting for.”

“My name is Charlie Kirk and I’m a new resident of Scottsdale,” he told the school board. “It kind of feels like I’m living in San Francisco because of all you and your self-righteous measures you’re putting to abuse the children of this wonderful state.”

Kirk continued, “I’m going to have children here one day and I hope people like you aren’t in charge. You are defying Arizona law and measures to mask children even though there is zero evidence to show that children are at a significant risk of catching or dying from the Chinese coronavirus.”

Next, “The Charlie Kirk Show” host cited CDC data that shows driving to school, drowning, heart disease, the flu and other issues are more deadly to Americans under 18-years-old than Covid-19.

“The CDC’s research says the following,” he began. “Children 5-14 years old have a .2% chance of dying from Covid. Yet, from all deaths, suicide is 1.5. Homicide, .7. Cardiovascular disease, 6. Drowning, .5. Flu and pneumonia, .3. Suffocation and Covid are the exact same measure, yet this district has decided to go in their own direction against the will of the taxpayers of this area and want to mask children.”

Kirk also noted the negative mental health problems that come with masking children, citing the inability to communicate with their peers and teachers.

“God gave us a face for a reason,” he argued. “There was a 22.3 spike in ER trips for potential suicides by children aged 12-17 in Summer 2020 compared to 2019, according to findings published in the CDC’s morbidity and mortality weekly report.”

The popular conservative commentator also told the school board that he hopes the Arizona Attorney General acts with criminal intent against them for violating the Open Meetings Act.

Closing his statement, Kirk told the board, “Your time is soon up. The people of this state and this school district are rising up. There are recall measures in place. You have awoken a sleeping giant. I hope you enjoy your masked short-term future here while it still lasts.”

Americans are starting to figure out that taking the country back begins at the local level!

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