Video: Covington Lawyers Release Update Detailing Lawsuits Against WaPo, CNN

$525 million lawsuits against the two Fake News entities

The legal team representing Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann has released a video explaining their massive lawsuits against The Washington Post and CNN.

The video, called “Nick Sandmann vs Media Giants,” explains how these corporate outlets “messed with the wrong kid,” resulting in a $250 million lawsuit against WaPo and a $275 million lawsuit against CNN.

“Both recklessly spread lies about a minor to advance their own financial and political agendas. Despite raw video debunking the false narrative, the Post and CNN doubled down on their reckless lies,” the narrator says while showing various talking heads vilifying Sandmann.

“How long will we allow these media giants to tear at the fabric of our lives to further their own agendas? Will they ever be held accountable?”

“Yes, they will,” the narrator says. “Nicholas Sandmann has taken a stand for himself and for you by filing major lawsuits against CNN and the Washington Post.”

Sandmann sought legal counsel following an interview on the “Today” show where he attempted to explain his side of the incident with Native American Nathan Phillips which went viral in January.

Since then, the media has doubled down in their demonization of Sandmann simply because he was wearing a Make America Great Again hat.