Video: D.C. Whole Foods Imposes QR Code System To Shop

"This is the future of all grocery stores. I'm going to have to boycott Whole Foods," says concerned shopper.

Image Credits: twitter screenshot/@rhowardbrowne.

Eerie footage out of Washington, D.C. foreshadows what is soon coming to all of America: a social credit system that will require shoppers to scan their QR code to shop for goods.

A concerned shopper showed an array of QR code scanners lining the entrance of the Whole Foods in D.C., lamenting that she doesn’t want a QR code to shop for necessities.

“So, basically you cannot go into the Whole Foods Market in Washington, D.C. unless you scan your own QR code, and they track everything you’re doing. This is the future of all grocery stores,” she said, adding “I’m going to have to boycott Whole Foods.”

“I have to have my own QR code to walk into Whole Foods?” she asked an associate, who confirmed that she will indeed need one.

As we’ve reported, QR codes are a fundamental feature of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda that will not only track your spending habits, but your health and vaccine history as part of one’s “Digital Identity.

It won’t be long until this social credit model will be used to surveil and control the movements of people, which is already happening in Communist China under the guise of protecting public health.