Video: Dozens of People in New Jersey Stop Their Cars, Mistake Blimp For a UFO

Americans have lost basic critical thinking skills.

Image Credits: Video Screenshot.

Numerous video clips out of New Jersey show people stopping their cars on a busy highway to express their shock at witnessing a “UFO” that is clearly a Goodyear blimp.

The first clip shows the hovering blimp, while a woman who sounds Mexican exclaims, “Oh my God!”

The object is clearly a blimp and its flashing light can be seen blinking in the video.

“Look the whole street has fucking stopped!” says another man. “There’s a fucking flying spaceship!” The camera then pans around to show numerous other people filming the blimp.

“Everybody’s stopping their cars and looking and literally recording,” says another woman.

“OK, this is literally a fucking UFO, it’s just floating,” says a man in another clip showing the blimp, which was in the air near Teterboro Airport yesterday.

“Hi why is literally nobody talking about how there was a genuine ufo sighting in New Jersey,” tweeted someone else.

The clips also prompted ‘UFO’ to begin trending on Twitter.

Other videos clearly show the culprit, a Goodyear blimp.

The sheer gullibility and naivety of so many people thinking a blimp is actually an alien spaceship is a perfect illustration of how Americans are so easily led and have lost basic critical thinking skills.


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