VIDEO: Eisenhower’s Forgotten Warning with Author Kent Heckenlively

Corporate powers have "psychologically manipulated" the left into becoming pro-war and pro-Big Government, a complete reversal from the 1970s.

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Author Kent Heckenlively joins The Alex Jones Show to break down Eisenhower’s warning to the American people about the Military Industrial Complex.

“The corporate powers have psychologically manipulated the left to believe something that 40 years ago would’ve been completely anathema to the left,” he told Jones on Friday, referring to the left’s fervent support of war in Ukraine.

“I consider myself a child of the late 1970s where you could be anti-Big Business, anti-Big Military, anti-Big Intelligence, anti-Big Government, and it seemed like those were liberal positions in the late 1970s,” he explained.

“And it’s kind of strange to me how it’s flipped, and now suddenly I’m a right-winger where if you went back to the 1970s I would be kind of on the liberal side,” he added.