Video: Families Burn Masks Outside State Capitol To Protest Lockdowns — Liberals Melt Down

American people beginning to wake up to the indefinite COVID tyranny

Image Credits: @MrOlmos/Twitter.

Families in Idaho rallied outside the State Capitol on Saturday to protest the nationwide lockdowns still in effect in many parts of the country.

Over a hundred fifty people gathered at the Idaho State Capitol to rally against Gov. Brad Little’s emergency powers and the lockdowns in general, with some families seen burning masks en masse.

Demonstrators also burned a photo of “Sleepy Joe.”

Horrified liberals on social media were quick to virtue-signal their subservience to the masks and lockdowns.

Notably, Little never imposed a mask mandate in the Gem State, but several counties and mayors have instituted various mask mandates and other COVID restrictions.

Some counties have lifted their mandates while others remain, but with Texas and Mississippi lifting their statewide mandates this week, pressure has increased on areas with restrictions to open to full capacity.

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