Video: Finland Debuts National Transgender Ice Skater, And It Went About As Expected

Woke ideology makes mockery of another spectator sport.

Image Credits: Chuck Savage/Getty Images.

Finland introduced a transgender figure skater as its representative during the opening ceremony of the ISU European Figure Skating Championships.

The opening event at the Espoo Metro Areena featured Figure Skater Minna-Maaria Antikainen, “who defines herself as a gender-neutral woman,” according to synchronized skating coach Helena Tienhaara.

“With the diverse group of performers, we want to show that the ice has space for everyone,” she said.

Shortly after Antikainen emerged onto the rink and began skating, he took a tumble — which the judges and audience tried to ignore.

Another step in the road to progress for womanhood!

Executive Director of the Finnish Figure Skating Association Outi Wuorenheimo praised the transgender figure skater as another win for diversity in the sport.

“Figure skating is a very conservative sport with various strict rules. In international competitions, same-sex skating pairs are not allowed, and there is no category for non-binary skaters. I hope that every country will start working for equality and diversity in the field,” Wuorenheimo stated.