Video: Fistfight Nearly Turned Into Stabbing, But A Gun Kept The Peace

Image Credits: KFDX 3 News Screenshot.

Footage out of Texas shows two men fighting in a parking lot before one of them pulled a knife and the other drew his gun.

Luckily, the man armed with a pistol kept his cool and held the knife-wielding individual until law enforcement arrived.

The incident took place outside an Archer City meat market when a worker tried to tell 41-year-old Jeffrey Sweatt to get off the property.

Sweatt allegedly approached the worker, lunged at him and punched him.

The footage proves Sweatt was in the man’s face and threw a punch after the victim pushed him away.

Next, the two men exchanged punches and Sweatt was thrown to the ground.

At this point, realizing he was outmatched and outnumbered, Sweatt pulled out his knife and the victim pulled out his firearm.

The victim held Sweatt at gunpoint until police arrived and arrested him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of possessing a prohibited substance in jail.

The armed individual didn’t pull his gun when being attacked until he was threatened with a knife, and even then, he didn’t pull the trigger and was able to keep the situation as peaceful as possible.