Video: Hear From A 9-Year-Old Ukrainian Boy Maimed By NATO-Supplied Weapons

This humanitarian crisis is being ignored by mainstream media

Image Credits: youtube screenshot patrick lancaster.

Independent journalist and US military veteran Patrick Lancaster documented the injury of a 9-year-old Ukrainian boy who was allegedly struck by NATO shells launched by his own country’s military.

Mainstream media totally ignores the deadly consequences of Ukrainian shelling in the Donbas region using weapons paid for by American taxpayers.

Reporting from the Potrovka district in Donetsk, Lancaster went to the hospital where the child was being treated and talked with his doctor, mother and the boy himself.

The doctor said he’s treated over 100 children injured by Ukrainian forces since the conflict kicked off nearly one year ago.

In total, he said this one Ukrainian hospital has received over 3,000 civilian patients with shrapnel wounds in the past year.

When Lancaster talked with the injured boy, he explained he was in his grandmother’s house when an explosion went off and caused the home to collapse.

When the reporter asked “which side” the shell came from, the child responded, “The AFU [Armed Forces of Ukraine]. Who else?”

The boy’s mother was reluctant to speculate on why the Ukrainian military launches missiles into civilian areas but did say they’ve been doing it for nine years straight now.

Another woman in the hospital room refused to believe any of Lancaster’s reporting would ever be seen in the West, telling him, “They won’t show this.”

When he explained he has received tens of millions of views from people in the West, she told the camera her grandson who was born in 2015 has “never seen a peaceful sky” and explained everyone she knows has been psychologically damaged by the war.

Next, the injured boy’s mother showed Lancaster photos of rubble from the house that was struck.

She also showed her bank card information in the hope people will send donations to help rebuild the home or help pay for a place to stay in the meantime.

The people of Ukraine are suffering, but those living in the Russian-speaking territories in the nation’s Eastern regions have been largely ignored by the media and Western governments.

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