Video: Hillary Cites Russia Conspiracy Theories In Case For Trump Impeachment

Suggests Russians could help Democrats win next election

Image Credits: Brooks Kraft/Getty Images.

Hillary Clinton is perhaps the only person left in America who seriously believes she lost the 2016 election because of Russian interference. And she is still suggesting that President Trump could be impeached because of it.

During an appearance at George Washington University, Hillary again complained about her loss, floating the interference conspiracy, but suggested that this time around Russia could switch sides.

“All bets are off if foreign governments think they can tilt the playing field as they did against me which was a deliberate, well planned effort laid out in indictments against Russian military actors and their allies.”

“You know, the Republicans seem to think that, okay, so far, Russia’s playing on the red team, so we like them, we’re not going to stand up against them. Who’s to say next week that they’re not playing on the blue team? It’s crazy, my friends,” Hillary continued.

So while there is no actual evidence that Russian interference had any impact on the 2016 election, Hillary is still adamant that was the case, so much so that she is now suggesting that this time around the Democrats could steal the election with help from Reformed Russian government agents.

Where does one begin with unpacking that statement?

Clinton then went on to suggest all of this should be useful fodder in a case to impeach Trump.

“So impeachment is the appropriate remedy and it is such a serious assault on our democracy that it is apparently asked for, aided and abetted by not only the president, but his allies who seem not to even care or understand how deeply dangerous this is,” Clinton claimed.

“I am all in favor of what the House is doing and gathering the evidence and making the case, because this president has to be held to account,” she continued, adding “because of his unconstitutional abuse of power, his contempt of Congress and his obstruction of justice.”

In recent weeks, Hillary has been posturing in a manner that many have suggested indicates another presidential run is not off the table, particularly in the wake of former frontrunner Joe Biden’s imploding campaign.