Video: Immigration Reform Head Says “Biden Administration Are Co-conspirators With The Drug Cartels”

"Democrats are invested in trying to reengineer the electorate through mass illegal immigration"

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Federation for American Immigration Reform President Dan Stein charged Wednesday that the Democrats are purposefully flooding the country with illegal immigrants in order to change the political electorate and keep themselves in power for the next half a century.

Appearing on Fox News, Stein urged “This is happening on purpose. The Biden Administration are co-conspirators with the cartels, who are operating with impunity all across America now.”

“We have no interior enforcement, no immigration law enforcement, obviously criminal aliens are being released en mass in part because there is no criminal detention,” Stein continued.

“They are paroling in people under phoney asylum claims by the millions, and incentivising cartels to keep smuggling people in,” he added.

Stein labeled new Arizona governor Katie Hobbs a “smuggler”, adding that “she’s operating like a travel agency to bring people in and send them all over the country, it’s happening for a reason and to expect the Biden Administration to voluntarily change course when they want this to happen is ridiculous.”

“The Republicans in Congress need to do more than just hold hearings, more than oversight, they need to tell the Department of Homeland Security ‘you cannot continue business as usual, you are breaking the law, violating it, making up new immigration laws as you go,” Stein proclaimed.

He further charged that “Democrats are invested in trying to reengineer the electorate through mass illegal immigration, they try to retain one party leadership for fifty years, they don’t give a darn about what’s happening at the border, they don’t care about Fentanyl deaths, they don’t care about illegal immigration. They are rewarding it, incentivising it and doing everything they can to promote it.”

“How can you possibly expect Democrats to turn around and do something different?” Stein asserted, adding “They’re playing a long game here, and the American people need to understand our country is being destroyed.”


Stein’s comments come in the wake of fresh figures released by the Customs and Border Protection Agency revealing that a record amount of illegal crossings were recorded in December 2022, with 17 individuals on the terrorism watchlist apprehended.

The numbers, released Friday, show that 251,487 illegal immigrants crossed the border in December, the highest monthly total in history.

Meanwhile, amid Democratic calls for a blanket amnesty, a survey has highlighted that only fourteen percent of Americans agree that citizenship should be granted to those have have entered illegally.


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