Video: Infowars Dominates CPAC With Exclusive Interviews

Owen Shroyer caught up with fellow patriots to at CPAC 2020

Infowars invaded this year’s CPAC and Owen Shroyer was able to sit down with some of the rising stars of the conservative movement and brainstorm what Americans can do to make sure Trump wins 2020 and to discuss the future of U.S. politics.

Short on time, but still want to stay informed? The War Room Highlights covers clips from all 3 hours of the broadcast!

Simon Molina Herrera knows about the horrors of communism because he has seen it firsthand in Venezuela. Herrera also joined Owen in the Yippy booth at CPAC 2020!

Meme King Carpe Donktum joins Owen in the Yippy booth at CPAC 2020!

Owen sat down with Elijah Shaffer, aka Slightly Offens*ve, to discuss online censorship, the 2020 election and more.

Fog City Midge sat with Shroyer during CPAC 2020 to share stories about lunatic liberals attacking them and doing strange things to their equipment when filming protests and other liberal events.