Video: Journalist Disrupts Rachel Maddow’s Speech, Presses On Russiagate Lies

'Why did you promote the Steele Dossier which has been proven to be a lie?' journalist asks MSNBC anchor

Image Credits: max blumenthal.

The Grayzone News Editor Max Blumenthal questioned MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow at the left-wing 2023 TRUCON event Friday for pushing the Russiagate hoax and constantly lying to the American public.

The bizarre event was hosted at the Democrat-connected Truman Center and funded by weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin-Palantir, which was founded by Trump donor Peter Thiel.

Despite the Military-Industrial-Complex defense contractor chaired by a major Trump donor sponsoring the event, featured speakers included individuals like Maddow and Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) among others.

Since Maddow refused to do a Q&A, Blumenthal decided to speak to her directly in the middle of her speech, telling the MSNBC anchor the “speech is boring and paranoid,” asking, “Why did you promote the Steele Dossier which has been proven to be a lie? Why did you promote the lie of Russian bounties? Can you ever be held accountable for the lies you told Americans for years and years? You lied to Americans for years!”

When he began asking questions, Maddow stared closely at Blumenthal’s press badge to see who he was.

After he was escorted from the building, Maddow belittled the journalist and all those publishing on the website Substack.

“Coming to a Substack newsletter near you,” she smugly told the crowd after the interruption.

Before the Maddow encounter, Blumenthal was able to get on the microphone to ask Pentagon officials onstage if the Lockheed Martin bombs being dropped on children in foreign nations were “equitable.”

He also hilariously questioned whether any of the divers who “blew up the Nord Stream pipeline” were “non-binary.”

It’s rare for the establishment’s top propagandists to be confronted over their lies in person but it should become much more common as humanity awakens to the globalist death cult behind the Great Reset.

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