Video: Journalist Gets Home Visit From UK Police After He Reported Mosques Flouting Lockdown Law

Some quarantine violators are better than others.

A journalist in the UK received a home visit from police after he reported mosques in his area that were violating the coronavirus lockdown law.

Tom Linden, host of UK Preppers Radio Network, filed a complaint with West Yorkshire Police after he saw reports in local media that Muslims in Bradford and Leeds were gathering at mosques for Friday prayers in violation of COVID-19 isolation rules.

In the complaint, Linden made it clear that he would be monitoring and reporting on mosques that were flouting quarantine rules, something that obviously flagged him for police attention.

“All other religious denominations places of worship are of course closed and quite rightly so in my opinion,” Linden said.

“I read two articles in two different newspapers, one covering Bradford, The Telegraph and Argus, the other covering Leeds, The Leeds Press. They both talked of mosques flouting the CV-19 social distancing rules.”

Linden said in the complaint he made it clear he was going to “drive around” and report on mosques that were in violation of the law.

This earned him a visit from two police officers who cautioned him that he was engaging in “unnecessary” travel.

Linden claimed that as a journalist he qualified as a “key worker” and that his activities were therefore permissible under the law.

In the clip, the officers appear uncomfortable with Linden recording the interaction as they grill him about his behavior.

They attempt to make Linden reveal what car he drives, but he refuses to tell them.

Shortly after Linden accuses the police of targeting him for reporting on the activities of Muslims, the officers begin to leave.

They instruct him not to make any more “non-essential” journeys but refuse to make it clear whether that is a demand that will lead to consequences if ignored.

Meanwhile, as authorities warn that they are ‘hiding in the shadows’ to catch people having picnics in rural areas, gatherings of youths in some of London’s most “diverse” areas are entirely ignored by police.


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