Video: Kamala Harris Can’t Stop Laughing, No One Else Finds It Funny

Everything seems to be a joke to her

Image Credits: Ethan Miller/Getty Images.

Kamala Harris, who is effectively the President of the country at this point, cannot stop laughing at totally inappropriate times.

The latest example came on Monday as Harris spoke in North Carolina about the Administration’s much maligned jobs plan.

Harris attempted to crack a joke, suggesting that opportunities are “equally available to women as well as men” like hard hats… or something.

“Because there’s an interesting fact,” Harris said, struggling not to laugh at her own speech, “In case you didn’t know, hard hats are actually unisex.”

Despite the fact that literally no one knew what the hell she was laughing at, or found what she was saying funny, Harris felt the need to blurt out loud “everybody’s laughing.”

Harris keeps repeating this bizarre behaviour:

Owen points our the very peculiar body language of Kamala Harris.