Video: Kamala Harris Lambasted For Weird Cringe Kindergarten Description Of Astronauts’ Historic Mission

"And then they launched... yeah they did"

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Kamala Harris, who is one health indicent away from being the President, put on a weird and disturbingly childish display Tuesday as she awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor to two former astronauts.

Harris described the NASA SpaceX Demonstration Demo-2 mission of Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley from 2020 using extremely literal language that prompted some to wonder whether she is employing children to write her speeches.

Using a weird tone as if speaking to a room full of toddlers, Harris noted that the astronauts “suited up, waved to their families, rode an elevator… strapped into their seats… and then they launched.”

“Yeah they did,” she added before bursting into fits of giggles.


What the hell is wrong with this person?


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