Video: Lost Biden Speaks Complete Gibberish, Asks For Help Completing Sentences

How can this guy be in charge of anything?

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Here we go again.

During an appearance in Puerto Rico Monday Joe Biden suddenly started acting as if he had lost something, before asking for help to deliver pre prepared remarks, and then devolving into speaking gibberish.

Biden was walking to the podium when he suddenly stopped and looked at the ground as if he had lost something.

He appeared to mutter “look for here somewhere” while scanning the ground, perhaps looking for a place he was ordered to stand by handlers:

Biden then gibbered about being raised in a Puerto Rican community… in Delaware, or something, before struggling to read the teleprompter and asking for help to complete his sentences:

Eventually, Biden just completely devolved into a complete nonsense mash:

At least he wasn’t asking where dead people were this time.

There are too many daily incidents like this to keep track of now:


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