Video: Louis Farrakhan Warns Africans Not To Take Bill Gates Vaccines

Now banned across all social media just like Alex Jones

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

In a 2014 speech from Jamaica, Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, warns of the globalists’ agenda to depopulate the Third World, using Ebola, AIDS, and vaccines promoted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

“Did you know that there was a policy in America? A policy to depopulate the Third World?” Farrakhan asked his audience.

“Where do your vaccines come from? If you’re not getting them from Cuba, you need to look at them carefully. You’re vaccinating your children, but you don’t know what’s in the vial that they’re putting in your children’s arm. All of a sudden, they’re suffering from autism, then they tell you ‘no no no, there’s no connection between the vaccine and autism.’ Yeah, tell that to somebody else.”

“They are killing us off!” he added. “AIDS is a biological weapon. Ebola is a biological weapon…if you can patent a virus, that means somebody made it. It ain’t a natural thing. They have to depopulate the Earth by 2 to 3 billion people.”

Alex Jones exposes the goblin king Bill Gates and the globalist agenda to bring humanity to heel.